Trekking Rinjani 2D/1N To Summit

Trekking Rinjani 3D/2N to Summit & Lake

Trekking Rinjani 4D/3N to Summit, Lake, Senaru Rim

Trekking Rinjani Senaru Route

In addition to the Sembalun trekking Route, the Senaru trekking Route is popular official trekking route, this is due in addition to being a trekking tour route also often used as a climbing route by indigenous people who will perform custom / religious rituals at the top of Rinjani or Segara Anak Lake. Center for Trekking (Rinjani Trek Center) Senaru.

Official Gate For Trekking Rinjani Via Senaru

The climbing route of Senaru – Pelawangan Senaru – Segara Anak Lake by walking takes ± 10 – 12 hours through the tourist trail which is in the primary forest and along the trail road has been provided means of resting on each post. From the gate Senaru to Lake Segara Anak there are three posts. Along the trail trail visitors can enjoy the beauty of wilderness and stunning rocks.

To obtain information about the climbing of Mount Rinjani has been provided the Center for Trekking (Rinjani Trek Center) for the cooperation of Gunung Rinjani National Park Office with NZAID (New Zealand Asistance International Development), From Lake Segara Anak if you want to continue the journey to the summit of Mount Rnjani you have to go To pelawangan sembalun which takes ± 4 Hours, from pelawangan sembalun to Rinjani Sunnit takes 4 – 5 Hours.

Climbing to the peak is generally done at 2 pm, it is intended that in the morning can enjoy the sunrise (Sunrise) from the summit of Mount Rinjani and can enjoy the scenery of all islands of Lombok and even the island of Bali if the weather is sunny.

Trekking Rinjani Mountain Via Senaru Route

– Mataram – Senaru (± 3 – 4 Hours Public Vehicle)

– Senaru – Segara Anak Lake (± 7 – 10 Hours Foot)

– Segara Anak Lake – Pelawangan Sembalun (± 4 Hours Walk)

– Pelawangan Sembalun / Rim –  Rinjani Peak (± 2 – 3 Hours Foot)