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How To Get Rinjani Mountain

How to Get Mount Rinjani 3726 In Lombok Island

The easiest way to reach the mountain is to fly direct to Lombok International Airport in Praya, Lombok (Airport Code: LOP) and then took a long journey to the foot of Rinjani.

There are flights from Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya (some linking to Kuala Lumpur) and from Singapore to Lombok.

Lombok International Airport

Fligh Scedule 

06:00 06:55 JT 651 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
06:10 06:30 JT 1861 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
06:55 07:50 GA 431 GARUDA INDONESIA (CGK) Jakarta
08:50 09:20 SY771 SKY AVIATION (DPS) Denpasar
08:45 09:05 JT 1863 WINGS AIR AIR (SUB) Surabaya
10:00 10:55 M8572 TRANSNUSA AIR (BMU) Bima
10:30 10:50 JT 1865 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
10:40 11:35 JT 655 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
10:45 11:15 IW 1853 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar
12:15 12:35 JT 1867 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
12:15 15:25 AK1409 AIR ASIA (KUL) Kuala Lumpur
12:35 13:05 IW 1851 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar
12:40 13:35 JT 657 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
13:00 13:35 M8575 TRANSNUSA AIR (SMO) Sumbawa
13:20 14:35 GA681 GARUDA INDONESIA (UPG) Ujung Pandang
14:00 14:20 JT 1869 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
14:20 15:15 JT653 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
14:55 15:50 GA 433 GARUDA INDONESIA (CGK) Jakarta
15:30 16:00 M8576 TRANSNUSA AIR (DPS) Denpasar
15:45 16:05 JT 1871 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
15:55 16:50 JT 653 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
17:30 17:50 JT 1873 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
17:40 18:10 IW 1855 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar
17:50 17:40 QG661 CITILINK (SUB) Surabaya
17:55 18:50 JT 659 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta
19:10 19:55 GA 437 GARUDA INDONESIA (DPS) Denpasar
19:15 19:35 JT 1875 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya
19:25 22:10 MI 127 SILK AIR (SIN) Singapore
20:30 20:20 QG663 CITILINK (SUB) Surabaya

Driving routes option to Mount Rinjani from Lombok Airport :

  • To Senaru, the drive takes about 2.5 – 3 hours, going through Mataram and circled half the island before finally reaching Senaru village the ascent route to Rinjani in the west.
  • To Sembalun, takes about 2 – 2,5 hours going through east side Mount Rinjani with routes Praya- Kopang – Masbagik – Aikmel then finally reached the village of Sembalun in the east side of Mount Rinjani (the closest ascent route to Mount Rinjani summit).

If you can’t fly directly to Lombok, the best way is to transit through Jakarta or fly into Bali and take a boat out to Lombok. However this would take a lot of time and you might have to stay extra overnight somewhere.

Take a car or bus from Denpasar to Padang Bay then :

  • Drive-on ferries operate regularly from Padang Bay in Bali to Lembar in Lombok.
  • Fast boats serve from Benoa or Serangan or Padang Bay to the three Gili Islands and Telok Kodek, Senggigi or Telok Nare in Lombok Island

If you book the Rinjani trekking package with us, we will pick you up at any arrival place or location within Lombok island then transfer you to your hotel provided in Sembalun or Senaru

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