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Mount Agung Bali Erupts

Mount Agung Bali erupts

Mount Agung in Bali has so far been set to the alert status, which allows Mounting height of 3,031 mdpl erupted. However, Lombok residents, especially North Lombok regency are asked not to worry about the impact of eruption.
“No need to worry, because until now there are no signs if the eruption will have an impact here (Lombok, red),” said Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) KLU Iwan March Asmara, Monday (25/9).

 In mapping the impact of Mount Agung eruption, it refers to the recommendations issued by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG). Until now the recommendation has not been received by the government in NTB. Except if Mount Rinjani erupted, because Mount Rinjani have 5-year eruption cycle sekli and it happened last year in March to December 2016. Read also Mount Rinjani Erupted.
“If indeed the recommendations affect the North Lombok of course we will also be prepared,” he explained.
The alert status set, according to him only applies to the area in Bali while for the Lombok is not the case. Given the distance of Mount Agung with Lombok is only about 140 kilometers, so it only affects the surrounding area. However, even this is also seen with the intensity of wind direction.
“The status is in Bali they are asked to stay away from the radius of 9 to 12 kilometers,” he said.
“But if for example erupts, this can not be predicted. Our reference yes that was, from the recommendation PVBMG, “Iwan.
Nevertheless, it had been anticipated from long ago. For example by preparing a number of masks and tents to establish some posts. This eruption is getting stronger, because there are a number of Balinese who have been displaced to Lombok, even to North Lombok.
“It is partly but if we erupted already prepared like a mask and so forth,” he concluded.
To note, according to PVMBG notes, the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 was 120 years after the previous eruption and killed at least 1,148 people. While the Australian government, reported from CNN, has issued travel advice for its citizens who are in Bali and who want to go to Bali, to keep following the instructions of the authorities in Indonesia.

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